Thursday, August 28, 2008

This Disgusts Me: Baby Girl Found Crawling on Sidewalk

This truly disgusts me. I am completely sickened by this story. A 6 month-old baby girl was found crawling, with a bottle of milk (half empty), in one of the worst parts of Los Angeles... AT NIGHT BY HERSELF. The poor baby was either abandoned or kidnapped. It looks like the former because no one's claimed her as their child yet. Ugh. I would gladly taken this little angel if they gave her to me. If you want to read more on the story or watch the video from one of our local news stations, please click here. I hope they find whoever's responsible for this... and put them in jail. They don't deserve her back.

There's a law in California where you can leave a baby at a hospital if you don't want to keep them. It's horrible but it's a BETTER alternative than abandoning, killing, or throwing a child in the trash like many women have done. UGH! JUST UGH!

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